1. Sam Oommen
    ​Matt Mutch

  2. George Chang
  3. James Fleshman
  4. Eric Weiss
  5. Robert Beart
  6. Jeff Milsom
  7. Sang Lee
  8. Julio Garcia-Aguilar
  9. Michael Stamos
  10. Steven Sentovich
  11. Andreas Kaiser
  12. Anthony Senagore
  13. Steven D. Wexner
  14. Vic Fazio
  15. Herand Abcarian
  16. Richard Billingham

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  1. February 7, 2019:   6:30pm
    The Palm Restaurant
    Stanley Goldberg, MD

Our meeting calendar can be found at the right with the next event scheduled for February 7, 2019, featuring:

Stanley M. Goldberg, MD
(University of Minnesota)

The Palm Restaurant

1100 S. Flower Street

Los Angeles, CA


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