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  1. February 6, 2020:   6:30pm
    The Palm Restaurant
    Rob Madoff, MD

Southern California

Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

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  1. M. Dorna Jafari
    ​Mary Kwaan

  2. Stanley Goldberg
  3. Sam Oommen
    ​Matt Mutch

  4. George Chang
  5. James Fleshman
  6. Eric Weiss
  7. Robert Beart
  8. Jeff Milsom
  9. Sang Lee
  10. Julio Garcia-Aguilar
  11. Michael Stamos
  12. Steven Sentovich
  13. Andreas Kaiser
  14. Anthony Senagore
  15. Steven D. Wexner
  16. Vic Fazio
  17. Herand Abcarian
  18. Richard Billingham

Our meeting calendar can be found at the right with the next event scheduled for February 6, 2020, featuring:

Rob Madoff
(University of Minnesota)

The Palm Restaurant

1100 S. Flower Street

Los Angeles, CA


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