The purpose of the Southern California Chapter of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons is to elevate the standards of colorectal surgery through regular scholarly meetings, provide mentorship as well as guidance and education for trainees with an interest in the field, educate the public and the profession about the special training required to be properly qualified to practice colorectal surgery, and to provide opportunity for networking and career advancement.

Southern California

Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

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Armen Aboulinan
Gabriel Akopian

Vikram Attaluri
Glenn Ault

Darlean Beason
Rebecca Cannom

Liza Capiendo
Formosa Chen 
Tracey Childs

Karen Cuthbert
Kyle Cologne

Marjun Philip Duldulao
Adil  Farooqui
Eiman Firoozmand

Phillip Fleshner
Ana Maria Garza
Esmond Gee
Scott Gering
Daniel Gingold
Greg Greaney
Chas Headrick

Christine Hsieh
Henry Hwu

Allen Kamrava

Howard Kaufman
George Kazanjian

S. Tim Ker

Sarah Koller
Jeff Lake
Tam Le

Sang Lee
Anne Lin
Wendy Liu
Bryan Loh
David Magner

Lisa McLemore

Kurt Melstrom

Beth Moore
Vijay Muraliraj
Yosef Nasseri
Patrick Nguyen

Erik Noren
Nana Pianim

Martha Porras
David Rosenfeld
Marcia  Russell
Steve Sapkin

Steve Sentovich

Joongho Shin
Tom Sokol
Mike Stamos

Gene Syn
Michael Tam
Attaluri Vikram
Petar Vukasin
Sonny Wang
Stephen Yoo
Robert Yuhan

Karen Zaghiyan